Our Objective

Our objective is to establish a comprehensive understanding of Historical European Martial Arts in the German tradition, namely that of Johannes Liechtenauer and the subsequent masters in the period of 1350 CE to 1450 CE. To this end, we interpret and study translations of the original treatises and Fechtbucher (Fight Manuals) and reconstruct the material therein as faithfully and accurately as possible.

Our Activities

Our Guild meets weekly to practice techniques and discuss source material, as well as an additional class on armored combat for senior members. Throughout the year, we attend and organize a number of events, a number of which are Living History events in which participants are dressed and act as those we study did centuries ago. We interact regularly with other schools and prominent members of the HEMA community throughout North America and beyond.

What We Do

The Martial Arts we study are divided into two categories: Blossfechten (Unarmored Fencing) and Harnischfecten (Armored Fencing). Unarmored techniques consist of Ringen (Medieval German Wrestling), Dolchfechten (Dagger Fencing), Messerfechten (Knife Fencing), Sword and Buckler fencing, as well as Fechten mit dem Langen Schwert (Fencing with the Long Sword). In addition, senior guild members study and undertake combat in armor, Harnischfecthen, with unique wrestling, sword, dagger, spear, and pollaxe techniques.