2019 Regional Symposium

Saturday, February 23, 2019

A full day of classes by regional HEMA instructors from the “Midwest Corridor” including:

Medieval Swordsman Guild: Richard Goode (Lichtenauer, Longsword: 1 strike, 3 variations) & Bruce Rawitch (Marshaling)

Broken Arm Academy of Swordsmanship: Amanda Zerrlaut (Stretching) & Robert Trigueros (Fiore, Stretto Play)

Heartland HEMA Historical Fencing Club: Mike Roth (Rapier)

Tatterschall School of Defense: Jon Eppler (Bolognese Side Sword)

Special Guest, Jessica Finley (Messer)

Price includes lunch (sandwich platter) and dinner (chili)

Coached sparing after dinner.

$35 General Admission

$15 Non Combatant Admission