Being part of the guild is like having a second family, one where you can actually stab each other and be cool about it. HEMA (Historic European Martial Arts) requires commitment and dedication, and in exchange you get self-confidence, good exercise and fun.
— - Ana V. F.

It’s a fantastic martial art to learn, the members and instructors are all passionate about the art, anyone can start and get returns.
— - Tyler K.

‘I like everything about the Guild!”
— - Dan B.

It’s a place where people can go to learn about the real martial arts of the Middle Ages.
— - Trevor C.

I like that everyone is so dedicated to creating a great environment.
— - Davin M.

The Medieval Swordsman Guild of KC is inclusive and friendly. My husband participates in the martial arts aspects. However, I have been welcomed warmly and included in social activities and living history. I see the same things with other families. I love that welcome feeling.
— - Alyson B.R.

I was in another living history group on and off for 25 years. While it was a lot of fun, yet something was missing. With the Sword Guild I found people studying from actual surviving medieval texts on the art of swordsmanship. It is historic - not made up. And is a sport that stimulates the mind and body. I can participate in armored combat as it was really done centuries ago.
— - Bruce R.

Authenticity, history, martial arts, exercise, knowledge, learning, having fun - If you checked any one or all of those, the guild is the place for you. The environment, the instructors., and the Guild community as a whole makes this group really special for long time members and newcomers alike.
— - Ruben H.